In the history of dance, no book has ever been written that teaches dancers to be more, know more, and do more in today’s time. With strategies and tools that will immediately change their quality of life, The Dancer Handbook is the first to offer this information. It is the most relevant and complete guide to contemporary life as a professional dancer!

These days the opportunities for dancers are massive and the next generation of professional dancers is being discovered every day. Do you have what it takes to join them? From dancing with the best dancers and choreographers in the industry and around the world at the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, California to integrating into the global dance network—including international dance studios, worldwide competitions, and conventions—The Dancer Handbook gets you plugged in!

Have you ever wondered how you can dance on a TV series, at award shows, in music videos, in films, and tour the world with celebrity artists? From shows such as Jennifer Lopez’s TV series Dance Life to movies like the Step Up! series; from touring every major country with artists like Usher, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift to Beyoncé; from dancing at the American Music Awards, to the BET Awards; from performing at the Hollywood Bowl to the Super Bowl; Every future opportunity like these will be accessible to you after reading The Dancer Handbook.

Whether you’re a breaker or a ballerina, making it as a professional dancer requires a lot more than just being good. You have to be exemplary. And you have to be able to live the life. Joseph De Las Nieves, a former professional dancer takes you through every aspect of life in the dance industry. Through extensive research and his own experiences he lights the way to success—and helps you avoid the pitfalls that have caused so many dancers to give up on their dreams.

In this comprehensive guide, you will discover:

  • How to handle the challenges of relocating and living in L.A.
  • What it’s like to work with an agent
  • Insider tips on dance classes and auditions
  • What to expect when you tour with a major production
  • How to manage your finances on a dancer’s budget
  • And much much more!

Special features include:

  • A Directory full of names and contact information for dance studios, dance agencies, dance conventions, industry professional dancers and choreographers, hair and makeup services, photography services, popular restaurants and hangouts, and beyond
  • An Appendix with sample résumés for dancers, confidentiality agreements, photography waivers, and other important documents
  • Interviews with some of the biggest names in the dance industry, including Dante Corde’, Michael Franklin, Henry “Chopper” Platt, Dennis “Teach” McKinely, and Kevin Maher.

With The Dancer Handbook you will be prepared for every eventuality, giving you your greatest chances of success as a Professional Dancer. Nike says, “Just Do It.” The Dancer Handbook tells you how!